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And if they won’t listen, I want you to run for office. I want you to give people the benefit of the doubt, whether they are homeless and asking for change or mentally ill and asking for help. I want you to care so deeply that it kills you, and the Snoopy happy hoowl-oween shirt I want you to turn that pain into passion. I want you to take the things that make you angry and turn them into things that make you act.

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The possibility of creating change is the reason I am dedicated to telling my story. The other day, I was out grocery shopping at my local supermarket around 6:30 p.m. when an older man turned a corner into the Snoopy happy hoowl-oween shirt aisle and put his hands on my shoulder. I jumped up. My first instinct was to get angry and ask him to please not touch me. Then I noticed something. The man was crying.

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He looked distraught and confused. Suddenly, he asked, ‘Do you know where my wife is? I’ve been looking for her.’ I told him I didn’t know and suggested maybe he ask the storefront for help finding her. I was thinking maybe he lost her in the Snoopy happy hoowl-oween shirt. Hasn’t everyone lost someone this way? I was wrong. He proceeded to ask, ‘Where is my wife? She was right here.’ Tears welled up in his eyes.

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I told him once again that I was not sure and gestured to walk with him to the customer service counter where they could use the overhead speaker service to make an announcement for her. He obliged. There, the Snoopy happy hoowl-oween shirt asked for a name. He looked to me in confusion, as if I had the answer for him. The woman half-rolled her eyes and turned to me. ‘Miss. Do you have THE NAME?’ I explained he was a stranger and I had no other information than she did. ‘Is this a joke?’ she asked.

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