Super Mario Christmas Tree Sweater

Super Mario Christmas Tree Sweater
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To envisage a unanimous social order is to envisage the absence of individuality. According to a recent poll Of the Democrats who responded to the questionnaire, 57 percent view socialism positively while 47 percent view capitalism positively. Younger Americans are more likely to support utopian solutions than their elders: Socialism was most popular with the 18-29 age group, with 51 percent saying they held a positive view, while only 28 percent of the Super Mario Christmas Tree Sweater crowd support the concept. Other polls show similar results. There is a philosophical conflict in our country—those who support the Constitution and national sovereignty versus globalist, utopian, socialist-communists. While this might appear stark the ugly truth is clear to all who will sift through the mockery of confusion, conflict, rigidity, and falsehoods heaped upon the heads of the people by the media, entertainers, academics, and dangerously confused socialist-communist politicians. Irresponsible parents who are probably in the pub without a care in the world as to where their kids are or what they’re doing! Respect comes from the home. Obviously, some parents need a proper lesson to control their kids.

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Super Mario Christmas Tree Sweater

We’re in a new, great conflict between pragmatism and utopianism, between a proven system of freedom difficult and inconvenient and ponderous and challenging as it sometimes is and a utopian fantasy of wealth redistribution, government-as-solution-provider, the eradication of poverty, war, and international conflict based on fraudulent, disproven political-economic theories, and an abiding utopian idealized faith in the perfectibility of humanity. Historian Robert Conquest, in his book Reflections on a Ravaged Century, delivered as succinct a definition as one is likely to find. Utopia amounts to the inflation of the ‘community’ into an entity in its own right, rather than a coherence of individual social human beings. The utopian view is that through perfected systems and structures and institutions that surpass any limitations of the failure in their view nation-state concept, the Super Mario Christmas Tree Sweater humans will thrive and the greatest local, national, and global problems resolved. Such a viewpoint is founded upon often unspoken and unchallenged assumptions that are false, and a denial of history that shows again and again and again that such thinking is impractical, fantastical, fraudulent, and dangerous.

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