Support your local street cats shirt

Support your local street cats shirt
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So, it behooves everyone to read more than one newspaper, link into more than one social network, read more than one article, and listen to more than one speaker. And THEN form an educated opinion of your own. Not many people are prepared to do that these days: we are all such emotional lazy thinkers. Slightly that nobody in the Support your local street cats shirt section seems worried about the rise in the anti-vax movement etc. etc. and are more concerned with beeb Beeb bashing. Why on earth ‘like’ the Beeb news website and then spend all your time slating it? The anti-vax movement is horrifically dangerous and in my view, we should be supporting those who fight it. Sigh. My Swift, I actually came to the comments to see if there were any from anti-vaxxers! And I totally agree, it’s a really dangerous movement. My Swift, it’s so dangerous I just don’t understand how humanity had survived thousands of years without vaccines. Didn’t parents put their kids in with other kids who had measles so they got it? To boost their annual system.

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Andrew Potrykus if anti-vaxxers only put themselves at risk then it wouldn’t be a problem, the sad truth its the immune compromised, elderly and newborn who are most at risk. Once eradicated diseases are on the increase thanks to these crazy people. Looking forward to the day when vaccines will be mandatory to attend school work. Andrew Potrykus let’s not forget that not too long ago living to the age of 50 was considered lucky. That’s good in one way but now there are so many people living longer lives there is no support system or health service to sustain them. Kids are getting far more serious diseases like cancer. We can’t all live forever. It’s very sad that kids die from not being vaccinated but it’s also very sad that we are living much longer with no support system for the Support your local street cats shirt. Simon Scarrow, I missed his point. Clearly, enough didn’t die, the human race continued to survive without vaccines. 

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