Top Hot Shirt On Miceshirt On 2021/02/13

While the lingerie campaigns of yesteryear were about models who exuded untouchable perfection (even the ’90’s Calvin Klein ads were a parade of scuzzy-chic seraphim) for several years now, the Top Hot Shirt On Miceshirt On 2021/02/13 has been about relatability over retouching. Despite their varying aesthetics, Aerie, Savage x Fenty, and ThirdLove have all staked their claim to this unfiltered approach: size inclusivity, diverse casting, and a focus on dressing for oneself rather than for a generic male gaze. Parade, which was founded by Cami Téllez and Jack DeFuria in 2019, is among the growing number of brands in this field. Karlie Kloss and Shakira are investors, and Parade raised its profile last month by collaborating with Juicy Couture, a name that its Gen Z target audience probably perceives as retro, complete with a campaign that cheekily evoked tabloid images from the aughts.