Tormund GOT milk shirt

Tormund GOT milk shirt
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Excited for the movie but these teasers have done nothing to get me more excited and have yet to provide any real context. Tony is building something with nebula and save them self. Maybe captain looking up of the Tormund GOT milk shirt iron man and nebula. Better. Hopeful. Too short. Saving for Captain Marvel’s Arrival, Valkyrie, Korg, Kraglin, the Real Banner and Loki’s Unveil. Maybe the introduction of Adam Warlock and/or Fantastic Four. Now, on to watching this on repeat, pausing frame by frame, until Captain Marvel next month. Seeing the mighty Thor once again in his uniform from behind holding his Stormbreaker was terrific. Arya is smashing her last night alive, and Tormund is like that one guy at the bar just hammering Bud Lights and dropping bad hints. He’s so hilarious. Do you know how I’m gonna get the girl? Here hold my beer. I’m going to tell her about that time I drank a giant’s wife’s titty milk. She’s gonna love it.  

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Kaitlyn Cox, I have never really watched the show. Just an episode here and there. I love Brienne. And when I heard that last night, it gave me my whole life. It was everything. Their reunion was the one I was most excited for! It was made even better with Jaime sitting in the Tormund GOT milk shirt making side eyes. Erin Monfort omg I loved watching everyone’s reactions to what he was saying. Brandi Bogrett Cantley shes into the fact that he’s into her, but she isn’t into him. Every time he speaks I just laugh. Tonight when he was talking about the giants wife and drinking her milk for 3 months, was hysterical! Things were so serious and he comes out with that story. I feel like the actor doesn’t even get a script. They just place him there and Tormund GOT milk shirt just go Tormund something, it’ll be awesome anyway. I’m dying! I need to print this and hang this up in my mom’s hallway amongst all the family portraits.

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