Trump 2020 Fuck Your Feelings Shirt

Trump 2020 Fuck Your Feelings Shirt
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This IS her 2nd chance, and she performed horribly during her first chance. Anthony Lannutti your welcome. I’ll wait on my home repairs to subsidize your insurance. Chris Williamson look I served my country. I worked all my life and probably paid a lot more in taxes than you. The Trump 2020 Fuck Your Feelings Shirt I would expect from our government is to offer us affordable health insurance.  Alfonso Bautista Jr I agree 100%. Until we make a representation of the people available to everyone, not just the rich and famous, nothing will change. That is so blithely ignorant. The House needs experienced leadership to start with. We need that leadership to, despite your ignorance, educate all of the new and young members that were just sworn in. Lastly, she’s already announced her step down by 2022, as a self-imposed term limit, while she intends to get term limits passed for members of the house. Let’s hope for the day politicians really are for the people and avoid corruption when they become elected. Obviously, you cannot agree with everyone but always the greater good of society should matter first.

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Trump 2020 Fuck Your Feelings Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee And Sweater For Men And Woman

Iraq Luak she used Reagan’s name to try and twist his words to make ppl like you assume he was talking about illegal immigration. When clearly he was talking about never shutting the door on LEGAL immigrants who want to live the American dream as an American citizen. Keith Alvarez, I know what Reagan did in 1985 and the Reagan Amnesty Act. My favorite President. I only commented because dumbass quoted a great Republican president. Keith Alvarez, I think she is linking Reagan’s allowing illegal residents to become legal as part of the act passed in 1986 to the Dreamers. This act also made it illegal for companies to employ illegal residents(people like Trump continue to break this part of the law. If that was the case then she would support putting borders up to reduce the Trump 2020 Fuck Your Feelings Shirt of illegals crossing over,  she doesn’t want a wall and openly supports illegal immigration. So no, she wasn’t just linking Reagens comments allowing illegals here to come here legally.

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