Be a Unicornasaurus Rex in a world of cuntasauruses shirt

I think you are brainless Safeel You need to empty that nonsense in your brain. Did you not hear the NZ Prime Minister condemn this horrible crime? How stupid can you be? If you make comments like the one you did above, what difference is there between the Be a Unicornasaurus Rex in a world of cuntasauruses shirt that did this crime and you? NZ is a beautiful peace-loving nation, and one can claim that the main perpetrator has been identified as a foreigner! LONG alive beautiful Peaceful NZ! God bless NZ. Safeel your Islam is reaping what it has sewn all over the world in the last decade, as Islam has murdered, tortured raped and pillaged en mass! Now you cry when the infidel fights back! Your Allah is a moon god, and Mohammad was a warmongering pedophile who will rot in Hell. Safeel Jeinul Abdeen, Allah is fakenews, he dons,t exist. Thousands of people in the world have already died in the name of this foolish Allah, Jesus, Buda, and other gods.

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Be a Unicornasaurus Rex in a world of cuntasauruses Shirt, Hoodie, Ladies, And Sweater For Men And Woman

None religion is the truth, study science, the world needs science and not stupid religion. New Zealand is an amazing and wonderful country and these terrorists do not represent anyone there. Mike Mosley read extreme material much? There are idiots in all faiths, do not label the minority as the majority, you get extremist people in all walks of life, this is a historical fact. For example, look at history, millions massacred by the French in Algeria mass graves of Muslim women & children, UK over in Africa killing the indigenous people beheading them for the show, Look at history you find all sorts. Your hate filled comments show how uneducated you are.  Alexandra Cjl, the haters are very few, the Be a Unicornasaurus Rex in a world of cuntasauruses shirt loving people are billions, if we spit on them they would suffocate to death. Let’s just pray for peace. This is a terrorist attack yet media houses around the world are calling it a mass shooting. Had a single Muslim been involved it would have been carried by the international media as a terrorist attack.

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