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I no longer think that anyone in America, including Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters, can afford to put off the consideration of the Will Smith Rocket Power The Simpsons Son Goku Shirt question of this administration: What if Donald Trump or those closest to him were compromised by the Russians or colluded with them. There have always been those of us on the left who viewed his presidency as compromised, asterisk-worthy if not wholly illegitimate, because of the Russian interference. A crime had been committed by Russia and Trump cheered the crime and used the loot thereof to advance his candidacy. That is clear. The Russians made repeated attempts to contact people in Trump’s orbit and in some cases were able to meet with members of the team, as evidenced by the Trump Tower meeting. That is clear. Members of Trump’s team were extremely interested in and eager to accept any assistance that the Russians could provide.

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That is clear. And since assuming office, Trump has openly attempted to obstruct justice and damage or impede the investigation into what the Russians did and whether anyone in his orbit was part of the crime. That too is clear. But for the people who support and defend Trump, this has already been absorbed and absolved. They may not like it, but they are willing to overlook it. Indeed, they are so attached to Trump that his fortunes and his fate have become synonymous with theirs. There is a spiritual linkage, a baleful bond, between the man and his minions. But what happens if the evidence that the investigation by the special counsel, Robert Mueller, uncovers reveals a direct link between Trump and the Russians. How do Trump’s boosters respond, if Trump was lying to or misleading the Will Smith Rocket Power The Simpsons Son Goku Shirt people about his efforts to do business in Russia while running for president and the Russians knew and presumably had evidence that he wasn’t being completely honest and forthcoming, then he was compromised.

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