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Ya Da Sells Avon Gadhi Shirt
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Our core fathers knew what they were dry when they wrote the 2nd amendment. They saw ahead as to what a tyrannical government can do to its citizens. Don’t give up our guns. We have the Ya Da Sells Avon Gadhi Shirt right to defend ourselves. Someone, please bring the lunacy to an end. It is time for people to use their heads. More people walking around scared and resorting to carrying a weapon is not going to make streets, schools, workplaces and public spaces safer. More guns increase the possibility of those weapons falling into the wrong hands.

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Sadly it also seems to be human nature to want a bigger weapon either just in case or as a status symbol.  Just open your eyes. When you are stuck in life about an issue, we always say, ok let’s see what others are doing and very often, you win time and money copying those who succeeded. Feeling very sorry for the citizens, many deaths to come. The mass shooters very often end dead or kill themselves. They are not afraid of dying. You owning a gun will not make them stop.  Do any of you really believe the loosening of already loose gun laws in Texas is going to cause more mass shootings.

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The people who want guns to murder people already have the ability to do so and they don’t ask permission to go into schools and churches. You want a law-abiding citizen with a gun if you ever face the horror of a mass shooting. They believe this will mean more GOOD people will be able to arm themselves against the Ya Da Sells Avon Gadhi Shirt BAD people with guns. But unless EVERYONE gets trained in how to operate an ASSAULT RIFLE that can shoot an average of 20 people in under 60 seconds, it’s not gonna have the expected outcome. More guns are not the answer.

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