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Dalbir Singh that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Everyone I know cooks fresh food most of the Yoga Chakras Aligned AF shirt. I only buy convenience food occasionally and everything else is made from scratch. I do use my hand as a guide for food, and I do give this advice for others who don’t want a diet but still want to eat everything and tell people what are good foods to eat. You may cook too much once, or twice. But if it happened for the 3rd time in a row, you were wasting your BRAIN weren’t you? No need hand-measuring or anything, just learn from your ‘history’ and use the brain to THINk when cooking. I have rarely thrown away food, I buy the ingredients for meals I plan to cook for the week and my mum made me leave my plate empty as a child so I continue to do that as an adult. My portion sizes are bigger than average but they’re almost always finished. Plan and think about the number of ingredients. 

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I keep any leftovers carefully and in a clean manner, may be refrigerated until it is finished. I don’t cook too much, it’s just that family members don’t turn up suddenly for meals because they have to entertain people, or it takes too long to come back home in a megacity. What a load of nonsense, make however much you like and freeze the Yoga Chakras Aligned AF shirt you then have a ready-made meal for eating later or eat the next day. It’s not rocket science, it’s just common sense. I do wish this exp, arts would stop going on about this. Mark Robertson exactly, chicken breast injected with water to bump up the weight, that looks like it has done ten rounds with Mike Tyson, it amazes me when you look at the meat content of some products.  Sam Hall, at least we’re not told it’s beef when it’s horse!!! Hang in a minute.I personally think this is why kids have disorders and behavior problems nowadays. More es that and 90s rave have to cause all types of letter combination mind problems.

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