If you’re an uptight non cussing, fancy schmancy mom shirt

If you’re an uptight non cussing, fancy schmancy mom shirt
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When you say it’s all about being confident in your own looks, but then plaster yourself in 3inch deep makeup.  Peter Faiers what a stupid argument straight out of 1973. Makeup and comfortable in your own skin are exclusive. You can like lipstick and still like yourself. Arabella Mercury sorry but you are wrong. If you are promoting ‘body confidence’, you promote your body for what it is in its natural state, not hidden away under makeup. ow, am I If you’re an uptight non cussing, fancy schmancy mom shirt? You can like lipstick make up etc, yes, but if you are truly promoting body confidence, you promote your body in its purest, most natural form e how it’s intended to be, which means no makeup, no surgically enhanced bits etc. You have no argument because you know what I say is correct. Peter Faiers no, you’re wrong. But thanks for explaining it to me because obviously, you know far more than me, you being a man and all.  Peter Faiers of course! You know a lot about makeup and the archaic beliefs that if you like lipstick you are a bag of insecurities.

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 If you’re an uptight non cussing, fancy schmancy mom Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee And Sweater For Men And Woman

If you are happy with yourself, you should run around with rugs and messy hair because taking care of yourself (in whatever form you feel including lipstick) is insecurity. You’ve shown your true colors because you’re shoving down our throat your beliefs without wanting to accept in your little world that liking certain things doesn’t make someone insecure. I love makeup and heels because I love the If you’re an uptight non cussing, fancy schmancy mom shirt of makeup and fashion and despite what you say, wanting to wear beautiful stiletto shoes is not a sign of insecurity but a sign of adoring a well-made piece of art. But whatever floats your boat. This woman is promoting confidence. She cannot stand there spouting off about how brilliant her body is / how comfortable she is how confident she is when she’s not showing her body and it’s hidden behind makeup. Would she do all this without make-up on? No, she wouldn’t, so she’s obviously not that confident. Also, she straightens her hair and dies it.

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