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Zeke Who That’s Who Shirt
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Hi, my name is Kristy and I’m a full-time executive assistant, an amputee, model for Naturally Fit LA and Images Modeling Agency, a Tough Mudder the Zeke Who That’s Who Shirt, a Hanger Clinic Ambassador, an amputee peer support visitor, and an adaptive Athlete! But my road to success hasn’t always been easy.

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I was diagnosed with a rare tumor in my leg at age 6. Very rare. The doctors told my parents I had a better chance at winning the New York lottery than having the type of tumor I did in the size and location where it was. I grew up in the hospital having surgery after surgery. I didn’t fit in well with kids because of it and always felt like an outcast. It was hard on me physically and emotionally. My parents were always there for me through every doctor’s appointment, surgery, medical bill, etc. They pushed me to try things I never thought I could do, like softball and cheerleading.

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They were there for me through the hardest times in my life when I was scared and crying, ready to give up. But I didn’t, because of them. I was made fun of all the time and felt left out at school by most of the Zeke Who That’s Who Shirt, but I never felt left out or unloved by my parents. When I learned how to drive, I couldn’t drive with my right foot, so my dad and his friend took a gas pedal out of another car and welded a Y bar to it, connecting it to the left side, so I could drive with that gas pedal on the left with my left foot. One year, when I was in a wheelchair after surgery, I couldn’t walk. So, for Halloween, my parents made my wheelchair into a race car so I could still dress up and feel like the other kids.

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